Another victim of Protect America cancellation policy. I called to cancel my alarm service but they said I had to write a letter or send an email.

So they said I need to send the email to cancelrequest@protectamerica.com. Thus far I have tried twice to send an email but they both came back. Now I will have to contact them again to find the correct address to send the email to.

Such a pain to work with this company. They like to get your money but have no interest in providing excellent service.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Poor service, and the morrons on the phones have no authority to make things right for the end user. Stay away from this company at all costs.


Been trying to cancel protect America but two years still still cannot cancel them they have been giving me the runaround I haven't even had a different service for two years keep telling me I have to pay over and over and over again I have mailed into letters and submitted a email to cancel my project America and still can't not get it canceled whatever you do do not take out protect America Vickie Kahill


Same deal. December 2016 I attempted to cancel.

They send me the same email but is was not valid. When I called the support line to cancel, my call would be hung up on.

Now 3/1/2017

I thought I was done with it however it looks like the put my account in suspense mode or something and charge me 51.99 Today 3/1/2017 out of the blue meaning no charges in between December and till now.

Their suspense mode is $4 something a month for 3 months for this charge out of the blue is bull ***.

Regardless they told me today that that email system is not part of the process and now there is a form it is not a emailed web link they send you.

Mount Prospect, Illinois, United States #1289099

Going through the same issues with them. This is ridiculous. Please let me know of any class action lawsuits against this company.

Cleveland, Ohio, United States #1286022

I think we may have to file a class action suit with this company I tried to cancel since Oct. 2016 .

The equipment is removed and no longer in use and I am still being billed.

You can't cancel on line because it is not working.

I will call my lawyer to see what can be done.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #1279705

I have had the same problem that you have had with them.

I am writing a letter to the BBB. I would suggest NO ONE do business with this company. Protect America is a BAD company to do business with!!


Same is happening to me. I am going to report to BBB.

I started with verbal requests to cancel in March of 2016 and now it is February of 2017 and I call every month to cancel. They keep charging me.

I moved in March and property already had alarm system. Maybe a court case is in the future.

La Vergne, Tennessee, United States #1265214

I totally agree, I'm going through this right now!!

Austin, Texas, United States #1264821

Same here!!! I'm so frustrated! We should report to BBB

Lake Jackson, Texas, United States #1262167

It takes hours on the phone with these crooks, you have to be a real *** to get a Supv. on the line, & still have to argue with them to get anything done.

The can pull your phone number up to see the number of calls you have made and the length of your waits (this guy knew down to the second how long I had been on the phone, the number of calls I had made, and to whom), and they will scriptedly "certainly apologize" over and over and over - and you HAVE to insist, over and over. It turns out that the "cancellation dept" is across the room from the "tech support" department (true story) - they can walk over and chat with one another; which the Supv. I spoke with did while we were on the phone. He transferred me to the "cancellation specialist" he was talking with face to face - while he was talking to him, I could hear both voices during both conversations.

The "cancellation specialist" confirmed this.

This is a HUGE scam, these people are crooks period!

I did manage to send the cancellation email while on the phone with the "cancelation specialist", which he confirmed he received - and sent his confirmation of receipt to me while on the phone, which I confirmed. Don't waste your time with sales, COMPLETE dead end. Transfer to Tech support and insist in speaking to a Supv.

(or wait on endless hold for a cancellation specialist - or a callback that never comes), they DO NOT want you to complain to any governing authority. I was navigating the State Attorney General website while talking with the Supv., he asked so I told him that I was searching for Protect America scams or fraud to piggyback on BC I was sick of being run around - as a paying consumer I have the right to lodge a complaint.

I'm tellin ya, these clowns play *** - but are very aware of exactly what they are doing, do not be fooled. Hope this helps someone.


These people are crooks, it is impossible to cancel this service. I'm disputing the monthly credit card charges - Amex is on my side!

Windham, New Hampshire, United States #1259241

I have been trying to cancel my service and it is headache


Same here. Still trying to cancel.

Get call back and then redirect to their cancellation department, the line broke. So I had to try to contact them again.

to Anonymous Lawrenceville, Georgia, United States #1256941

I spent 2 hours waiting to talk to customer service to cancel, then when I got a hold of someone she told me to wait, and sure enough I waited another hour to talk to a "cancellation specialist". Glad I'm getting rid of these people. BBB rating should be an F-!!!

Natick, Massachusetts, United States #1247145

I'm having the same issue right now still trying to figure out how to cancel after 3 phone calls 2 times on the internet and hours of aggravation how did you finallycancel?????

South Easton, Massachusetts, United States #1241707

I would like to cancel my protect America service. Russell Herron 152 Jon Drive Brockton Ma. 0288520mm Thank you.

Chula Vista, California, United States #1241241

I shukriya barwari would like to cancel my account #482107 as of today 11/15/16 for the following reason 1moved 2 my contract ends to day there for this account should be terminated as of now

Evansville, Indiana, United States #1235381

It's happening to me now...November 2016

El Cajon, California, United States #1235118

Does anyone know the mailing address where to send the letter? Can't locate online. Fax no given 1-877-897-6727, got no confirmation, was told they will email me with info and nothing yet, faxed on 10/17/16.

Been on hold 40 minutes, bad customer service, they really take your money monthly.

El Cajon, California, United States #1235114

Same thing is happening to me. My letter got returned due to work address.

They do not have their adddress online. Very frustrating, so glad I got another alarm company, no waiting on hold on the phone, this is ridiculous!

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