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After choosing Protect America, because of Consumer Reports reviews and ease of installation, I find myself more and more pissed everytime I have to deal with them. Getting someone on the phone?

Yeah right. Keep waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and waiting...and WAITING! On average I'm on hold for 25 minutes calling them. They are full of excuses every time.

Now I was never told about any "deposit" while I was shopping around with alarm companies, until my very last step starting service with them, oh and how I was promised that I would have my deposit sent directly back to my bank account within two weeks. SEVEN weeks later, I finally received a 'thank you' gift card from them with my deposit on it. OH IT GETS BETTER....once activation this card, it takes 72 hours!!!! to have access to MY MONEY THEY OWE ME!

I tried calling to complain, as I write this, I'm on hold, counting at 18:11 at this very moment. They'll just leave you on hold till you give up. I pray I don't have to count on them in an emergency. I really do.

I pray and pray this alarm system works if I ever need it to. Please send your business elsewhere. Do no deal with PA unless you want to spend hours on hold and hear every excuse in the book on why you can't be helped with your problems.

Oh and once you get someone, they'll be nice, and give you their extension to deal wiht them again, oh....but wait...there is no way to get to an operator or dial their extension directly from the phone menu to get 'todd' or 'vanessa' or 'britney''s a joke. Protect America is a joke.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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