When I signed up I had to sign a 3-year contract (there is no other option), but I was told that at any time I could cancel services as long as I paid the cancellation fee (I believe they said it was $100). Now they will not let me cancel AT ALL. I wish I had read everyone's complaints before I bought something from this company.

Another issue is with the equipment itself - it doesn't set properly so when I come into my home sometimes it sets off the alarm right away instead of giving me 30 seconds to disarm it.

Monetary Loss: $37.

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i have signed up and paid for 28 months and i was told i could cancell when i signed up also , now they say there is no option .after i have paid for 28 months . i was told there was a 100 dollar cancellation when i signed up and now they say no you cant.

mike stone


It is easy to set a delay with any one of the sensors. Just ask Protect America.

People should read contracts before they sign them. This person is trying to remember what someone told her on the phone when the contract explains everything. It seems like she didn't read the contract before she signed it. My contract says that I can cancel in the first 14 days and pay a $79 restocking fee.

But there is no cancellation provision after the 14 days except when the contract expires in 3 years.

But obviously, if you have a problem with the product, the company must resolve the problem or refund your money if the services provided do not meet basic minimum standards. Your inability to unerstand they system is not a fault of the company.



Please call Wanda Mata at ext. 8260 or Chris Atkinson at ext. 8303 so we can assist you. We can review the recordings and would be glad to assist you with that. In addition to that, it sounds like we need to trouble shoot your system and either adjust some settings or replace some equipment. We would like to help you. Please call our main number 800-951-5111 and then

ext 8260 for Wanda Mata or

ext 8303 for Chris Atkinson

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