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Reading so many other reviews with experiences like mine seems crazy though totally validating for me having gone through myself recently much of what folks are talking about. I don't know how Protect America can get away with this!

I wish somebody would sue them specifically for not disclosing upfront how much TIME they will steal from you placing you on hold literally for hours when you express your desire to cancel. The sales people SAY they aren't the department to handle it, and that you have to talk to a retention specialist. (There were not any supervisors even available when I called, or so I was told.) Call-backs could be DAYS later, they said. Yet the most messed up part is this: After FINALLY getting to speak with a person from the department I waited hours for (funny how there's no wait with the sales dept,) I get told the process to cancel, which is to email your request with your home address where the service is along with your account number stating that it's your 30 day notice to cancel.

So all that holding, AS IF the sales dept couldn't have simply told me this. It's complete BS. They probably sucker people into not bothering to cancel by this sheer practice of giving a person who calls expressing they want to cancel such a run-around. Who has two hours to wait on hold to then be disconnected and have to go back to waiting another hour and a half to get disconnect again!!

It's like they do it on purpose in hopes that you get so fed up that you just quit trying to cancel. Funny thing was my auto-pay credit card info needed to be updated, and once I explained this to the guy I spoke to and how they wouldn't be getting a dime more, suddenly the call ended. I got disconnected a second time also, after again waiting on hold; this time it was as if they were finally taking my call but hit the wrong button and before we could begin talking, it was as if I was hung up on. Eventually I managed to get a call-back after hours, and that's where I finally learned what I needed with the email request.

Lastly, I feel I ought to also mention that while I had initially signed up years ago and was told I was NOT doing a contract, these guys tried to tell me I had, but thankfully was already at the end of it. Also, I learned that if you neglect to do the the regular testing of the equipment (I believe it's two or four times a year,) then all bets are off. Nevermind that they don't present this bit upfront, much less send you reminders that you're due for another equipment check. That said, if you've missed year's of checks because you didn't know, they can run a check still for you and say the operations are all good so you're safe and that they'll be nice enough to continue to guarantee the product going forward, because of course they want you to keep paying them, and clearly this is a loophole they give themselves so that they don't have to stand behind their product in the event it ever failed -they could just blame it on the person not having done the quarterly checks.

So get this, you're supposed to call multiple times a year and wait on hold with these clowns to ensure their product works right, but there's more. When I had first purchased the system, I actually received free installation, but it was a joke. They literally TAPED these things on the wall. Naturally, they fell off about a year later, and it became my job to fix it.

Thanks for the botched installation, which I'm told later was a practice of the local sales group and not even part of what Protect America offers. So yeah, where to even begin with the complaints. Did the system work?

Yes, but it became useless quite soon with the complications of proper installation and all they offer are phone techs. Going forward I'll be happy to pay more to a company that actually does the leg work with installing the system and maintaining it, rather than one that has sneaky practices like Protect America.

Product or Service Mentioned: Protect America Customer Care.

Reason of review: Return, Exchange or Cancellation Policy.

I liked: Unit worked okay.

I didn't like: Cancelation process or customer service, Too much wasted time trying to cancel, Sneaky practices.

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