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and you have to sign a threee the system they send you is used , the sysrem will have a low battery in a bout a month. and will beep all day and all nite .until they send you a replacement. you cant get any tech help on the week end . the sencors fall aff the wall the stickers are cheap.

and you cant get any help on the phone it tkes 10min to talk to some one your on hold all that time they perffer you to go on line .

get A D T for a real depentadle alarm system. you have to sign a three year contract with is not fair ir you want to get out of this *** company

Monetary Loss: $15.

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Protect America sucks and I believe they are a scam. Several times they sent new pieces of equipment, talked on the phone to inept people and always got failed readings on half the house.

Home was never secured. I sent everything back, 17 units with their label. They told me I could cancel any time. Now they want to be paid every month for no service.

They even lied about ADT price and service to hook me.

Everything is documented, the service did not work. Stay away from these inept people.


I have absolutely no clue what he was saying... What on earth does O'Reilly's Auto Parts have to doe with ADT; at least I'm making the assumption he was ranting about O'Reilly's... Obviously he skipped spelling class in school, most likely English for that matter.


I am in shock and disbelief!! My neighbors alarm when off, she called me and another neighbor, she was scared!! Protect America never called to see if everything was ok, nothing!!!!

This woman was in such fear and had zero help because she had Protect America. With three phone calls, we got nowhere!! they could not give or have a phone number a consumer could call. All one can do when an alarm goes off is to say email us and we will check into it! You could be dead before you get help from Protect America!!! That is why they are not BBB endorsed im sure.



this guys review is quite possibly the most retarded thing I've ever seen typed. I hope this was a joke, and he isn't really that ***. If you're going to write a review and expect people to believe you, I would expect you to spell things at least partly correct, and possibly put one sentence together that made some kind of sense.

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